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Zombie post-apocalyptic drama returns to UK TV screens

Posted by Rich Cross on November 5, 2011

Season two TV of US zombie-post-apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead began its UK premier on the FX channel on 21 October.

The UK FX site for the show announced:

The critically acclaimed series The Walking Dead returns to UK screens this October for its gripping second season. Last season left us nailed to our seats as the survivors of the zombie apocalypse fled an epic explosion at the CDC. As we enter the new season the survivors must make their way out of Atlanta to escape the tribe of ‘walkers’ that have taken over the city. But with the stakes even higher, what new problems will they face in their fight for survival?

The seven-episode second series continues on FX in the UK on Fridays at 10pm.

Walking Dead - Season two - Episode one


One Response to “Zombie post-apocalyptic drama returns to UK TV screens”

  1. chris said

    its 13 episodes not 7 and is brilliant, hope they make alot more serieses

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