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Incognito Gallery – images of post-apocalyptic Manchester

Posted by Rich Cross on December 13, 2011

The Incognito Gallery in Manchester is hosting an exhibition of works by artist James Chadderton depicting a post-apocalyptic Manchester – a key filming location for several episodes of series one and two of Survivors.

Entitled ‘Death of Our City’, the exhibition showcases several striking images of an imaginary future Manchester in ruins.

The Go See This in Manchester site reports:

Featuring many of Manchester’s iconic buildings and landmarks, the show is a haunting, unnerving and photorealistic collection of images created by a fusion of traditional painting techniques, photography and new media.

“Trying to maintain a degree of realism was essential as I wanted the audience to be absorbed into that reality” explains Chadderton. “The focus was to provide images of iconic areas of Manchester such as Urbis and The Palace Theatre in a derelict and eroded state as if involved in an apocalyptic event that somehow left the city lifeless and dissolving over potentially hundreds of years.”

Several selected pieces from the exhibition are viewable in an online gallery on the BBC News site.

The exhibition continues until 4 January 2012.

The Death of Our City

The Death of Our City

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