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The Walking Dead – renewed for a third series

Posted by Rich Cross on December 13, 2011

Post-apocalyptic zombie TV serial The Walking Dead has been renewed for a third season of thirteen episodes. US Cable channel AMC confirmed that the series would be returning for a third series in light of impressive viewing figures (in the US and internationally) and widespread critical acclaim.

In the UK, The Walking Dead is broadcast on the FX channel, and – in synch with the US – current transmission has paused at a ‘mid-season finale’ point, seven episodes in. The Walking Dead returns to UK screens shortly after the US broadcast recommences in February 2012.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead


2 Responses to “The Walking Dead – renewed for a third series”

  1. tinadimeo said

    Love the focus of this blog. I, myself, am a fan of the post-apocalyptic genre and have written a novel about a zombie in present-day, post-apocalyptic America. I am submitting it for publication this month. I have posted the prologue here on WordPress. Take a look and leave me a message, if you’d like:

  2. Steve Day said

    Love this series, lots of depth to the characters, good British actor in the lead role, but i think Norman Wheetus is stealing the show as Daryl.He does not appear in the comic but his character Daryl is the ” Greg Preston” more so than Rick Grimes.
    This PA zombie drama is everything good about the original Survivors and everything bad as the Survivors remake which I believe to be one of the worst BBC productions in history. But after Doomwatch, Survivors, Day of the Triffids and Death of Grass I was spoilt by high quality British drama.

    I hope they keep making the Walking Dead and Falling Skies, but pray they never ever blight British TV again with another version of Survivors , Heck the Survivors remake was even worse than the Last Train.

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