Survivors – BBC TV

The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Who would you say is responsible for the cancellation of Survivors?

Posted by Rich Cross on December 31, 2012

To mark the arrival of 2013, a quick (unscientific) poll on the the question of responsibility for the cancellation of Survivors. Please vote by making a single choice; and add whichever additional thoughts you have in the Comments section (Note: to prevent spam and abuse, comments are moderated before publication).


2 Responses to “Who would you say is responsible for the cancellation of Survivors?”

  1. Ole said

    Unfortunately, I have come to the belief that this was a decision made/influenced by govt powers passed through the BBC. I base this on different input I have received through various contacts, this when I was the moderator of Survivors Series 3 please BBC group on Facebook. The reason being that the shows storyline as developed in the 2nd series was starting to get too close to home for certain behind-the-curtain people, so to speak.

  2. Robin said

    Much preffered the 70’s series and with a lack of merchandise ive seen a great mug on ebay depicting Charles, Jenny and Hubert on horseback (where’s Greg? ??). Ps im not the seller :-) enjoy

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