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The Independent: ‘A vision of post-apocalypse Britain?’

Posted by Rich Cross on June 17, 2013

As part of the promotional drive for new post-apocalyptic PlayStation game The Last of Us, Sony have released a gallery of images of famous British landmarks as they might look years after humanity’s fall, which have been published in The Independent:

A broken down, rusty and overgrown Angel of the North

A broken down, rusty and overgrown Angel of the North

Gone are the neat flowerbeds, the clipped verges and the elaborate decor.

After years of neglect, the once glorious Buckingham Palace is now little more than a shell; a crumbling royal residence that looks more like a long-abandoned medieval ruin than the grand home of Elizabeth II.

This is, of course, pure make-believe.

But thanks to the work of computer programmers from Sony’s PlayStation team, we are now able to glimpse how iconic British buildings might look if humanity was wiped out by a pandemic and they were left to rot.

John Hall. 2013. ‘A vision of post-apocalypse Britain? Eerie computer-generated images reveal how UK landmarks could crumble and decay if humanity was wiped out’, The Independent (12 June).


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