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New mini-site for new Big Finish Survivors audio adventures

Posted by Rich Cross on June 16, 2014

The Survivors: A World Away site (the companion site of this blog, which focuses on the original 1975-1977 series) has launched a new mini-site dedicated to the new Survivors audio adventures from Big Finish.

The new site is still being actively developed, but already includes reviews of all four episodes in the first series, and exclusive interviews with producer David Richardson, director Ken Bentley and scriptwriters Matt Fitton, Jonathan Morris and Andrew Smith.

Interviews with new and returning Survivors cast members will be added to the site in the coming weeks.

Big Finish - Survivors - mini-site

Big Finish – Survivors – mini-site

Please note: These audio dramas are set in the time and place of the original Survivors (1975-1977) and NOT in the world of the Survivors remake (2008-2010).

One Response to “New mini-site for new Big Finish Survivors audio adventures”

  1. Lorraine T. said

    Thank you Rich. I am waiting for my cos to be delivered. I saw the 1970 series in NYC back in the 90’s. It was a hit with me. I am very happy to see Ian, Lucy and Carolyn are back to reprise their roles. Any chance of Denis Lil returning? Thank you for keeping this website up to date.

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