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Post-apocalyptic TV round-up – November 2015

Posted by Rich Cross on November 5, 2015

The Walking Dead - series six

Now showing

The Walking Dead

Series six of zombie-apocalypse series The Walking Dead began transmission on the Fox channel in the UK in October (the day after its US transmission). With this latest series, Fox has opted to extend the broadcast of the follow-on chat-and-guests show The Talking Dead to the UK. Previously this tie-in show was only shown in the US. As the show continues to triumph in the ratings, it came as no surprise that AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for a seventh season.


The Last Man on Earth

Series two of the award-winning post-apocalyptic comedy The Last Man on Earth is currently screening on Dave, with the second series premiering in the UK immediate following the transmission of series one.

You, Me and the Apocalypse

Sky’s edge-of-the-apocalypse comedy series You, Me and the Apocalypse is currently showing on Sky One, following: “what happens when an eclectic group of individuals are forced to survive together as a comet heads towards Earth.”

The Strain

The second series of edge-of-apocalyptic-infection fantasy and horror series The Strain is currently being shown on Watch in the UK.


The SyFy channel own end-of-the-world zombie series Z-Nation is currently being shown on Pick, with series two episodes following on immediately after the cliff-hanger conclusion of series one.


Fear the Walking Dead

With a second series already commissioned, broadcast of series one of The Walking Dead spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead concluded on the AMC channel (in the UK) in early October. The AMC channel is only accessible to customers of the BT TV service, but it is planned that the series will be made available through Amazon Prime video in 2016. The first series will be released on DVD in the UK in early December 2015.

The Last Ship

All-at-sea post-apocalyptic drama The Last Ship has been renewed for a third series. Transmission of series two concluded on Sky One earlier in the autumn.

The 100

Alien-planet based post-apocalytpic teen-drama The 100 has been renewed for a third series, slated to broadcast in 2016. In the UK, The 100 is shown on the More 4 channel.


Falling Skies

The fifth and final series of post-apocalyptic alien-invasion serial Falling Skies has completed its run on Fox. The producers and writers were able to deliver a definitive resolution of the show’s story arc in series five, as it had been agreed in advance with the network that this would be the concluding series.


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