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Zoë Tapper to return to the world of Survivors – in 1970s-set audios

Posted by Rich Cross on December 2, 2015

Ian McCulloch, Zoe Tapper. Lucy Fleming - Survivors - Big Finish - Series 4
Ian McCulloch and Lucy Fleming (Greg Preston and Jenny Richards, original series) with Zoë Tapper

Zoë Tapper, who played the role of doctor Anya Raczynski in both series of the BBC’s TV remake of Survivors in 2008-2010 will be joining the cast of series four of Big Finish’s new Survivors audio adventures, set in the time and place of the original 1975 TV series.

Like the remake of Survivors in which Tapper co-starred, Big Finish’s Survivors audios are inspired by the work of dramatist and author Terry Nation. But Big Finish’s Survivors adventures return to the 1970s timeline of the original BBC series.

Audio drama producers Big Finish today (2 December 2015) revealed that Tapper would be appearing in the fourth series of Survivors audio adventures, in the role of government official Evelyn Piper “who listeners will first encounter in a flashback to the beginnings of the plague that decimated the globe”.

Recording on series four of Big Finish’s Survivors audio adventures will take place early in 2016, with the fourth series scheduled for release in June 2016 (with series five following in November 2016).

Series three of the Big Finish Survivors audios was released earlier this month, and was greeted with an immediately positive critical reception, and is available to buy in both CD and digital download formats. Series one and series two, and an unabridged audiobook of Terry Nation’s 1976 Survivors novel, are all available for purchase from Big Finish. The award-nominated first series opening episode Revelation is available as a free download from the Big Finish site.

Zoe Tapper - Survivors - 2008

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