Survivors remake series one finale was broadcast ten years ago this week

Survivors - series one - episode six - 2008 - Abby's group

THE SIXTH AND final episode of the first series of the BBC’s remake of Survivors was screened for this first time ten years ago, premiering on BBC One at 21:00 on December 23 2008.

The episode begins with the unwelcome arrival of Samantha Willis and her enforcers (including the repugnant Dexter) at Abby’s settlement. When Anya’s hidden medical skills are revealed by Sarah, Anya is seized by Willis’ men: a decision which leads to a mission to release her and the to Tom killing Willis’ henchman Gavin. As the group flee Willis’ wrath, a disgruntled Najid runs off to Manchester. As Abby and her compatriots follow, they discover that Gavin has tracked them and is out for bloody revenge, and that a snatch squad for the sequestered scientists is closing in on Abby. As the story ends, Abby is taken prisoner, Greg is shot and badly injured, with all the plans of the now separated and divided group in chaos.

It was a dramatic cliffhanger and a powerful sign-off, providing a powerful springboard for a second series. One day before its transmission the BBC confirmed that Survivors had been renewed for a second series.

Survivors – Season 1 Episode 6

One thought on “Survivors remake series one finale was broadcast ten years ago this week

  1. I was looking for it on Netflix today, where I had already watched it twice, and it was gone. This really was one of the best TV shows for me; still sad they cancelled it. Can’t afford the DVDs but may buy them anyway!

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