Survivors remake episode one series two was broadcast ten years ago today

Survivors - series two - episode one

THE FIRST EPISODE of the eagerly-anticipated second series of the BBC’s remake of Survivors premiered on BBC One at 21:00 12 January 2010 – ten years ago today.

The episode rejoined the action moments on from the shocking cliffhanger of the finale of the first series. Now kidnapped and taken to the laboratory, Abby learns from Whitaker that he believes that she is unique: a survivor whose antibodies may hold the key to a vaccine. As the remainder of the team try to find the supplies that can save the life of the injured Greg, a series of disasters threatens them all. As Abby faces the bleakest of futures, a recovering Greg expels Tom from the group’s ranks. As the episode concludes, the fate of all of these survivors is hanging by a thread.

At the time of transmission, this site said of the episode:

Survivors creator Adrian Hodges delivers on his promise to crank up both the tempo and the action-adventure components of his storytelling. Aside from the exchanges in the rubble between the trapped Anya and Al, episode one provides a series of relentless dramatic set-pieces neatly intertwined with a whole number of revelations about characters, their back-stories and the motivations.

Back in 2010, viewers had to wait two weeks for the transmission of the second episode of Survivors‘ second series, as the broadcast was held over for a week to make way for a rescheduled Carling Cup football match.

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