Survivors remake episode two series two was broadcast ten years ago today

Survivors - series two - episode two

FOLLOWING THE TWO week gap after the transmission of the series’ opening instalment, the second episode of series two of Survivors was broadcast at 21:00 on 26 January 2010, ten years ago today.

Episode two brings to an end Abby Grant’s group’s journey into inner-city Birmingham. That trip began in the closing episode of series one as Abby and her associates set of in pursuit of Najid – who has fled their settlement. In this latest episode, separate storylines explore how Tom and Najid independently become entangled with a local gang of scavengers – Tom robs them, while Najid befriends the gang’s youngest member; how Abby is able to escape confinement in the scientists’ laboratory; and how the entire group is eventually reunited.

Back in 2010, the detailed review of the epsiode in the World’s Apart guidebook said of this intelligent action-and-adventure story:

By the end of episode two the group are together again, but Abby remains a marked figure (as she herself suggests in her distress), and tensions and strained relationships within the family are more exposed than ever. Their position remains extremely grim – they are still homeless, without resources and hunted by both Willis and Whitaker. With Survivors consisting of just six episodes per series, it is inevitable that dramatic developments are sometimes truncated. But Hodges’s two episode sojourn in the city, culminating in Abby’s return, feels neither rushed nor overly contrived…

The thoughtful elements of episode two also dispensed with any concerns that series two of Survivors might neglect the insightful in favour of the straightforwardly visceral. With the family of fugitives now forced on the run once more, it is time to leave the city behind and begin exploring the realities of post-plague Britain in earnest.

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