Survivors remake episode three series two was broadcast ten years ago today

Survivors - 2010 - series two - episode three

THE SECOND SERIES of the BBC’s remake of Terry Nation’s Survivors reached its half-way point ten years ago today with the broadcast of the third episode.

With its focus on the detention and prosecution of Tom Price by Samantha Willis’ brutal new regime, this episode was the show’s courtroom, prison and jailbreak story. This was an installment in which the series’ wider story arcs – the scientists hunt for Abby; and Abby’s search for Peter – were pushed into the background to allow more of a standalone story centered on the themes of crime, justice, punishment and redemption.

It was also the episode which saw the first appearance of Roger Lloyd-Pack in the role of the apparently-benign truck driver and trader Billy Stringer. Lloyd-Pack was the only actor to appear in the original Survivors (1975-1977) and in the remake (2008-2010). In the second series of the original Survivors he took on the role of the young rebel Wally, who is exiled from the 500-strong London community for voicing discontent with the authoritarian rule of its dictatorial boss Manny, in the two-parter Lights of London.

Just after the third episode of the remake premiered on BBC One at 21:00 on 2 February 2010, this site commended the episode for delivering:

A whole series of plot twists; some major surprises affecting the futures of several characters; and a brutal fight to the death [that] make for some powerful viewing, while the conspiracy elements of Survivors are put on hold for an episode.

One thought on “Survivors remake episode three series two was broadcast ten years ago today”

  1. An interesting connection with Roger Lloyd-Pack appearing in both versions of Survivors. But there weren’t actually many connections between the two versions, even when the same character names were used. Max Beesley played the hardened criminal convincingly, but it was a completely different character to the one played by Talfryn Thomas. In the original version the Tom Price character was written out of the series, in the episode (Future Hour) where the trader (and his team) threaten the settlement. This was obviously not what Terry Nation intended, judging by his book. Nonetheless, the interaction between Beesley’s Tom Price and the doctor Anya is significant. The original series could have been improved by having the doctor character appear from early on, especially if Jenny Richards already knew her.

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