Survivors remake episode four series two was broadcast ten years ago today

Survivors - series two - episode four - Greg and Tom

THE FOURTH OF the six episodes of the second series of the reimagined Survivors was shown on BBC One ten years ago today on 9 February 2010.

The episode focused on the slave-mining empire lorded over by the merciless Smithson. While he enjoys a pampered life in his country estate, his army of bonded labour (Tom and Greg amongst them) toil away below ground. With little machinery to help them, they must extract coal by backbreaking physical effort. When Abby’s and Anya’s efforts at subterfuge fail, more of the group are enslaved in the mine. After Tom escapes, and saves Greg from execution, the miners rise up in savage rebellion and overthow their oppressors. As Abby’s freed and reunited group count the costs of Smithson cruelty, elsewhere lorry-driver Stringer encounters a young boy by the name of Peter Grant.

In the week that the episode was first broadcast, this blog heralded:

An engrossing and tension-wracked episode that delivers the goods on so many different fronts, and offers some fascinating moral conundrums alongside the action and dramatic shocks.

Survivors - series two - episode four - Al, Anya and Abby

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