Survivors remake episode five series two was broadcast ten years ago today

Survivors - series two - episode five - will the group escape the threat of the new virus?

THE FIFTH AND penultimate episode of the second series of the remake of Survivors was broadcast ten years ago today, on 16 February 2010.

Episode five saw Abby’s group of survivors rocked to the core as one of their number falls victim to a deadly new mutation of the plague virus. Just after she and Al have struck up a loving relationship, Sarah contracts a deadly strain of the evolving virus. When Greg and Abby return to the settlement their group is visiting, Sarah has accepted her fate and bides her time in a self-imposed quarantine that is keeping the rest of the family safe. Abby and Greg have followed a lead to a small airport, where they find a deranged solitary survivor waiting for an evacuation flight that will never come. After Sarah succumbs to the infection, Abby turns the farmhouse into a cleansing funeral pyre, and rallies the group to return to the laboratory. However unpalatable it made be, the threat that the new virus poses compels them to aid the search for a vaccine, whatever the risks. Arriving at the site, they find the place empty and abandoned – until Abby spots Peter in Whitaker’s clutches on a CCTV monitor…

This episode succeeds both as a psychologically harrowing story of sacrifice and loss and as a brilliant set-up for the stand-off and showdown that followed a week later in the last ever episode of the series.

The week the episode was transmitted in 2010, this site said:

An emotionally hard-hiting episode which scales back on the action and adventure elements to provide a poignant and affecting exit for Sarah, before setting in motion the events that will culminate in a powerful series’ finale.

Survivors - two - episode five - Abby and Greg

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