SFX reflects on the Survivors remake with cast and crew

Steve O'Brien. 2020. 'Survivors unseen', SFX, No 329, August, pp.60-65.

IN THE AUGUST edition of SFX magazine, showrunner Adrian Hodges – together with three members of his cast – reflect of the experience of the bringing a remake of Survivors to BBC screens back in 2008.

Julie Graham (who played Abby Grant), Robyn Addison (Sarah Bowyer) and Paterson Joseph (Greg Preston) each provide personal reflections of their work on the series, and consider how it feels to look back on the show ten years after production wrapped.

Perhaps the most intruiging aspect of the six-page feature are those points in which Hodges discusses his view of the show’s cancellation after two series and his plans for the show for series three and beyond.

He concedes that Survivors did not secure the kind of viewing figures that would have convinced BBC executives to recommission the show for a third series. He also suggests that a change of personnel within senior roles at the BBC impacted negatively on the series’ reputation, as the show was seen as a product of the departing regime.

Hodges also reveals how the stories of Tom Price (last seen, injured, in the hold of an airplane heading for the sanctuary) would have evolved on screen, and how Price’s story would again intersect with the lives of other survivors in the UK, including Greg, Abby and Peter Grant.

The material that author Steve O’Brien put together during his research for this article also formed the basis for his short feature in The Guardian published back in May.

Steve O’Brien. 2020. ‘Survivors unseen’, SFX, No 329, August, pp.60-65.

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