About this blog

This (entirely unofficial and independent) blog provides a guide to the production, promotion, transmission and reception of the BBC post-apocalyptic TV series Survivors. The first series of the new Survivors was broadcast in the UK in November and December 2008. The second series began transmission in January 2010. At the conclusion of series two, the BBC announced that the show had been cancelled, and that no third series would be produced.

Survivors – the classic post-apocalyptic British television drama of the 1970s – was originally created by TV script writer Terry Nation in the early 1970s. Three series of the show were broadcast between 1975 and 1977, comprising 38 episodes in total. Nation left the programme after the completion of series one in 1975, but went on to publish a tie-novelisation which was first published in 1976.

Series one of the BBC’s revival of Survivors is based on (and inspired by) Nation’s Survivors novel, which revisits and develops the storylines of Nation’s early first series scripts, before diverging dramatically from the on-screen story of Survivors to offer a startlingly different interpretation of the show’s possible evolution. Series two of the new Survivors develops in directions which differ significantly from Nation’s novel.