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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Episode review – episode six (series two)

Episode six – BBC One – 21:00-22:00 – 23 February 2010


Abby and the family hunt for Peter and Whitaker in the grounds of the laboratory, but cannot find them. Abby discovers Fiona Douglas who explains that she needs new test subjects for a possible vaccine. Al agrees to volunteer and is injected. Whitaker is apprehended and Greg and Anya interrogate him to try to discover Peter’s whereabouts. When Whitaker resists, Tom uses more direct measures to try to extract the information, but the scientists still refuses to help. As the search for Peter continues, he hides from Tom in the caravan park where he and Whitaker were holed up. After Al recovers – proving the vaccine works – Douglas and Whitaker flee from the facility, heading for a rendezvous with Landry at the airport. Fearful of being captured, Peter shoots Douglas dead before Whitaker can stop him. When Peter, Whitaker and Tom run into each other in the woods, the standoff ends with Peter shooting and injuring Tom. Abby, Anya and Greg race towards the airport, as Landry’s plane heads in to land. On the runway, Landry and Whitaker discuss taking Peter aboard the aircraft, but their plans are interrupted by the arrival of Abby. Greg, Abby, Whitaker and Landry try to negotiate an exchange – Peter for the supplies of vaccine. As the deal is completed, Landry’s sniper shoots Whitaker dead and sends Greg, Abby and Anya running for cover. Price attacks the sniper and, as Al and Najid become involved in the fight, kills him. Greg convinces Whitaker to complete the exchange, and Abby and Peter are finally reunited. Landry’s plane takes off. The family cannot locate the injured Tom. He is revealed to be hiding in the quarantine section of the plane, clutching his automatic weapon.


For a thoroughly detailed review and commentary on this and all other episodes in both series, see: Rich Cross. 2010. World’s Apart: the unofficial and unauthorised guide to the BBC’s remake of Survivors. Cambridge: Classic TV Press. [ available to order direct from the publisher ]


A fast-paced and dramatic series finale which provides some satisying payoffs to some long-established story arcs and brings the family to the point of a possible new beginning.

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16 Responses to “Episode review – episode six (series two)”

  1. spider433 said

    Just went a series gets good they pull it off the air…That’s why I will never watch a series again …This realy sucks ……

  2. Neil Harrison said

    Despite buying the DVD’s, we have really enjoyed watching the repeats (you always previously miss something)….. It just re-inforces what an excellent programme this was, and even better than the very good series in the 70’s.
    So much potential going forward & so many open storylines.
    Just hope the BBC bring it back for a 3rd series & 4th….. Sadly, i doubt they will …. maybee a proper TV channel like Sky will pick it up, we can but hope!

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