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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Episode reviews – episode three (series two)

Episode three – BBC One – 21:00-22:00 – 02 February 2010


Samantha Willis is visiting settlements to spread the word of her authority. On their way out of the city, a fanbelt snaps on Greg’s landrover and the family have to pull of the road. Roving trader Stringer provides a replacement, but later arrives at Willis’ community to tell her that he has found the wanted man she has been looking for – Tom Price. Willis sends an armed squad to arrest Price for the murder of Gavin. At the trial Abby defends Tom, while Greg and Anya join Dexter on the jury. When Willis does not get the guilty verdict she expects, and Dexter challenges her openly, she plots to be rid of both men. Offering Tom a deal to kill Dexter in return for his freedom, she then betrays him – rearresting him after the killing. When Greg intervenes to save Tom, he is disarmed and both Tom and Greg are sold as slave labour to ganglord Mr Smithson who will put them to work in his coalmine. As Willis refuses to give Abby any information about the pair’s whereabouts, the family have no idea of where to search for them. Their one lead is Stringer, who is again back in his truck on the open road…


For a thoroughly detailed review and commentary on this and all other episodes in both series, see: Rich Cross. 2010. World’s Apart: the unofficial and unauthorised guide to the BBC’s remake of Survivors. Cambridge: Classic TV Press. [ available to order direct from the publisher ]


A whole series of plot twists; some major surprises affecting the futures of several characters; and a brutal fight to the death make for some powerful viewing, while the conspiracy elements of Survivors are put on hold for an episode.

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3 Responses to “Episode reviews – episode three (series two)”

  1. Nick Hubble said

    Yes – definitely best episode so far. The trial scene was excitingly dramatic with good dialogue and good acting. But more importantly (at least for me) there was a return to the social commentary and underlying moral complexity of the best episodes in the original 70s survivors series. It was also exciting and engaging viewing throughout. The samantha Willis character is a real asset to the series and this plotline is far better than the scientists in the bunker (or wherever they are).

  2. This last episode stands head and shoulders above the two before. At last we’re getting murder, ruthless betrayal in the fight for survival and, instead of the urban hippy freeganism, a realistic portrayal of how grim things would really be.
    I found the last scene at the coal-mine genuinely shocking — Greg’s horror, particularly as a black man, of what was about to be done to him, was the grippingest bit so far. Keep it up chaps and chapesses, I say…

  3. Survivor84 said

    I have to say this series has been brilliant,Its more miserable and dark,Sometimes the last series was a little to bright and colourful considering what had happened lol.

    I am loving it so far,They have really stepped it up from the first series,This episode has been the best so far.

    Can`t believe they only have 6 episodes in a series though!Its not enough.

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