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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Episode reviews – episode two (series two)

Episode two – BBC One – 21:00-22:00 – 26 January 2010


After ten days in the city-centre, the survivors are no closer to finding Abby and their supplies are dangerously depleted. In the laboratory, Abby has been re-infected with the virus, and the scientists now need new test subjects for their updated vaccine. Tom robs a small group holed up in a pub, but when he is chased a snatch squad seizes most of his pursuers. Tom wins temporary readmission to the family when he shares a lead on Abby’s whereabouts. With Greg and Najid staying behind, the rest of the group find clues which lead them to the research facility of a pharmaceutical company. With the aid of Whitaker’s disillusioned wife, Abby is able to escape from her confinement. When Najid meets young survivor Lee, she learns of Najid’s connection to Tom Price – responsible for the robbery her group suffered. When Lee’s group lead a raid to recover their supplies, Greg and Najid’s lives are in danger. But when Anya and the others return the stand-off is defused. Najid’s determination to await Abby’s return is rewarded when she finds her way back to the carpark from where she was seized – and the family are finally reunited.


For a thoroughly detailed review and commentary on this and all other episodes in both series, see: Rich Cross. 2010. World’s Apart: the unofficial and unauthorised guide to the BBC’s remake of Survivors. Cambridge: Classic TV Press. [ available to order direct from the publisher ]


A strong and well-plotted second city-based adventure for the Survivors, that makes great use of the urban setting to provide an atmospheric background to some important character developments and resolve the Abby-in-the-laboratory storyline.

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One Response to “Episode reviews – episode two (series two)”

  1. Nick Hubble said

    Better than the first episode. Good bits included Whitaker suggesting putting Abby in a persistent vegetative state (although the script subsequently overegged this a bit) and I liked the 28 Days later homage.

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