Is this the first time that an attempt has been made to revive Survivors?

No, three previous unsuccessful attempts to revive or remake Survivors have been mounted since the original series finished in 1977.

When Survivors creator Terry Nation moved to the United States in the 1990s, he explored the idea of recreating the series in an American setting, and approached at least one US network with a pitch for a re-telling of the series through the experience of a disparate group of American survivors. Nation found no takers for his pitch.

In the UK, Survivors actor and scripwriter Ian McCulloch devised plans for a new series of the show which – in contrast to Nation’s plans to start over – would continue the existing Survivors storyline and bring back many of the original characters from the show. McCulloch’s initial outline was turned down by the BBC.

McCulloch then reworked his proposal, coming up with a new treatment that, which would still follow on from the original series but which had a dramatic new premise. This third pitch (and McCulloch’s second) was also unsuccessful.

More than thirty years on from the original broadcast of the series, the BBC agreed to back a Survivors revival.

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