Who is behind the new series of Survivors?

The two new series of Survivors were produced by the BBC’s Series and Serials department, headed by Sue Hogg. The show was assigned by the BBC to Adrian Hodges, whose credits include Primeval and Ruby in the Smoke.

Hodges served as the lead writer on the first of the new series, sharing script duties with Gabby Chiappe and Simon Tyrell. Hodges wrote the first, second, fifth and sixth episodes; Chiappe (Lark Rise to Candleford) penned episode three; and Tyrell (The Firm) scripted episode four. On series two, Hodges wrote episodes one and six, with Chiappe returning to script episode two, Simon Tyrell also returning to take on episodes three and five, and new scriptwriter Jimmy Gardner penning episode four.

The programme was executive produced by Kate Harwood, with Hugh Warren (Frankenstein; The Chase) serving as producer, alongside Susan Hogg (Lark Rise To Candleford; Waking The Dead) and Hodges.

Directors on the series one were John Alexander, Andrew Gunn, Ian B MacDonald and Jamie Payne. For series two, directorial duties were shared between the returning Jamie Payne (episodes one and two), and incomers David Evans (episodes three and four) and Farren Blackburn (episodes five and six).

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