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Survivors series one: DVD reviews

Posted by Rich Cross on March 1, 2009

Reviews of the first series of Survivors DVD release appear in SFX (No 180, March 2009), SciFi Now (Issue 25, February-March 2009) and DeathRay (No 17, February-March 2009). DeathRay‘s Guy Haley concludes his review with a call to the BBC to: “Bring it back as soon as, Auntie, because this is the best SF treat you’ve given us in in years.”


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DeathRay – episode one review

Posted by Rich Cross on November 17, 2008

The Winter 2008 edition of DeathRay includes a two-page review of episode one of the new series of Survivors, by Guy Haley (awarding it four-stars – which is a rating of ‘Excellent’).

***SPOILERS*** Inevitably, this review (which is only available in print in the magazine) reveals numerous plot and character details.

Please note: Although the editor of this blog attended the press screening of episode one, a review will not be posted on this blog until after the first episode has been shown on BBC One.

A review of each episode will be added to this blog once it has been broadcast. There will also be a poll asking visitors to rate each episode and – of course – the opportunity for all viewers to add comments and opinions of their own about the show.

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DeathRay – Survivors feature

Posted by Rich Cross on November 17, 2008

The Winter 2008 edition of DeathRay magazine (which is now publishing quarterly rather than monthly) includes a six-page feature on Survivors.

‘At World’s End’, by Thom Hutchinson, includes interview material from Julie Graham, Shaun Dingwall, Paterson Joseph, Zoe Tapper, Phillip Rhys, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Chahak Patel, and showrunner Adrian Hodges, and is illustrated with BBC stills.

DeathRay, Winter 2008

DeathRay, Winter 2008

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DeathRay – mini-interview with new series scriptwriter Adrian Hodges

Posted by Rich Cross on February 20, 2008

A mini-interview with Adrian Hodges, the lead scriptwriter on the new series of Survivors, appears in the February 2008 issue of DeathRay. Several key facts emerge:

  1. Hodges has ‘very strong memories’ of watching the original series in his student days
  2. It was the BBC that suggested that Hodges pitch the idea of a Survivors remake to them
  3. Although the new series will be rooted in the same pandemic premise as the original, Hodges reveals that ‘nearly everything will be changed in some detail or another. There will also be a lot of new stories that I’m devising…’
  4. Hodges is keen that the new series will have a strong contemporary feel, with a range of characters reflecting the social composition of the UK in the 2008.
  5. The new series of Survivors will be a post-9pm watershed show for BBC1

DeathRay contradict one key ‘fact’ revealed in a recent SFX interview with Head of Series and Serials Kate Harwood – insisting that the new series of Survivors will comprise 13 episodes (rather than six, as reported in SFX).

DeathRay, No 10, February 2008

Note, 17 April 2008: To clear up a misunderstanding that has appeared on a number of other blogs, forums and discussion lists – the main photo in the DeathRay article is not of the new Survivors cast, but from the ITV dino-romp Primeval, a series that writer Adrian Hodges has been closely involved with since its inception. No cast photos from the new Survivors series have yet been released.

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