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SciFiNow Survivors series two DVD review

Posted by Rich Cross on March 25, 2010

Reviewing the Survivors series two DVD in SciFiNow magazine (Issue 39), James Rundle declares the second series “highly recommended” and adds:

Alternately distressing, heartwarming, savage, restrained, brutal and disciplined, this is surely one of the finest post-apocalyptic shows of the millennium…. [I]t’s possible to jump in at this point if you missed the first season, although we’d recommend watching that first if you have the opportunity… This is quality drama.


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Survivors series two features – SciFiNow

Posted by Rich Cross on December 23, 2009

A two-page feature on series two of Survivors – written by the author of this blog – is published today in SciFiNow magazine (Issue 36).

The feature – illustrated with behind-the-scenes shots showing Max Beesley’s (Tom Price) location filming on episode one – includes interview testimony from cast members Julie Graham (Abby Grant), Paterson Joseph (Greg Preston), Robyn Addison (Sarah), Phillip Rhys (Al) Zoe Tapper (Anya) and Nicholas Greaves (Whittaker); showrunner Adrian Hodges; co-executive producer Sue Hogg and producer Hugh Warren.

SciFiNow - World Without End

SciFiNow - World Without End

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SciFiNow – original and new series features

Posted by Rich Cross on November 17, 2008

The four-page full-colour guide to the original Survivors (authored by the editor of this blog) which first appeared in the April 2008 of SciFiNow, has been republished in Volume One of the SciFiNow – Timewarp collection, which is now available in newsagents. The 256-page ‘special’ [ISBN: 978-1-906078-19-5] retails for £9.99.

The five-page feature on the the new series, which appears in the current issue of SciFiNow (Issue 21) (also written by this blog’s editor), will be available in shops until 27 November (cover price, £4.00).

SciFi Now - 21 and Timewarp Collection Vol 1

SciFi Now - 21 and Timewarp Collection Vol 1

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SciFiNow – five-page Survivors feature

Posted by Rich Cross on October 30, 2008

Issue 21 of SciFiNow magazine includes a fully-illustrated five-page ‘Preview Feature’ on the new Survivors – written by the author of this blog.

The article, ‘Worlds Come Tumbling Down’, includes comments from cast members Julie Graham (Abby Grant), Zoe Tapper (Anya Racyznski), Nikki Amuka-Bird (Samatha Willis), Paterson Joseph (Greg), Chahak Patel (Najid), Philip Rhys (Al Sadiq), Shaun Dingwall (David Grant); series creator Adrian Hodges; Head of Series and Serials Kate Hodges; and original series director Pennant Roberts.

SciFiNow 21 is available now, with a cover price of £4.00.

SciFiNow 21

SciFiNow 21

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SciFiNow: Survivors retrospective feature

Posted by Rich Cross on March 23, 2008

Issue 13 of SciFiNow magazine (April 2008) includes a fully-illustrated four page retrospective feature on Survivors – authored by the editor of this blog.

The article concludes with a reference to the upcoming BBC revival of the series:

In November 2007, following lengthy negotiations with the Nation estate, the BBC confirmed that its Drama Department would shortly begin work on a new series of Survivors, to be executive produced by Sue Hogg and written by Adrian Hodges (whose genre credits include dino-romp Primeval). Having licensed the rights to Nation’s 1976 Survivors novel, the new series will reset the drama in the present-day and again pitch a gang of plucky Brits, this time with twenty-first century skills and expectations, into a nightmare new world – one in which laptops and mobile phones are instantly transformed into so much scrap metal, and Google can no longer provide the answers.

Front cover of SciFiNow magazine No 13

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