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Survivors actors share how-to ‘secrets’ with SFX

Posted by Rich Cross on September 5, 2010

As part of a ‘200 secrets’ feature in the 200th edition of SFX (October 2010), Survivors‘ actors Max Beesley (Tom Price) and Paterson Jospeh (Greg Preston) provide answers to questions posed by the magazine.

Paterson Jospeh was asked: ‘What’s the secret of playing the pain of a gunshot wound in the chest?’ (Greg was shot in the closing episode of series one). He replied:

“It’s just imagination, isn’t it? What you imagine it will be like. It would probably take you to another world, that kind of pain. Your body would shut down. Your blood supply would be going to just the vital organs, so anything else would basically be lacking oxygen and not being warmed up by your blood in the same way that it would have been before the trauma. So it’s basically trying to imagine, through the facts, what that would feel like […] If you undertand the mechanics of it, if you understand what’s happening to the body, then it’s just a matter of following through.”

Max Beesley was asked: ‘What’s the secret of creating a believeable screen psychopath?’. He replied:

“With most lunatics you find that they don’t tend to be aggressive. They always listen and watch, and the threat of violence is a lot more terrifying in real life that the act itself. So that quietness is more powerful.”


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Survivors mentions in SFX September 2010

Posted by Rich Cross on July 29, 2010

In a round-up of his “top five non-Who sci-fi shows from the Beeb’s history” in this month’s SFX, comedian Tony Hadoke celebrates the original Survivors (alongside Doomwatch, Quatermass, Being Human, and Torchwood: Children of Earth).


Post-apocalyptic drama is great: human depravity, injustice, moral dilemmas and thrilling drama. Yes, it was occasionally a tad middle class, but some real issues were tackled. I wasn’t as aghast at the new series as some, but Julie Graham unwisely mocked the original for doing episodes about knitting jumpers: a bit rich considering (a) they didn’t, (b) she was in Bonekickers and (c) as it turns out it ran for longer and with greater success than the remake. So ner.

Toby Hadoke. 2010. ‘Beeb Cool’. SFX. September. p.22.

In the same issue (in fact on the same page) comedian and author David Baddiel reveals:

Favourite SF/Fantasy TV

When I was a kid I was obsessed with Survivors, and slightly disturbing things from the ’70s, like Children of the Stones.

David Baddiel. 2010. ‘My Sci-Fi’. SFX. September. p.22.

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Press and publicity coverage for Survivors series two gathers pace

Posted by Rich Cross on January 5, 2010

Press coverage ahead of next week’s transmission of episode one of series two of Survivors gathers pace online and in print.

Amongst the new online features are: ‘Survivors to be grittier and darker in season two‘ (SciFiPulse, 5 January); a cast interview feature in TV Choice magazine (5 January) with a different promo shot of Abby on the home page; What’s On TV offers a preview of episode one and episode two, and a gallery of (very small versions of) promotional BBC stills.

On the SFX news blog, Dave Golder has posted an extremely positive review of the first two episodes of series two (note the review is – inevitably – full of ***SPOILERS***)

There’s also a new Survivors listings page on the BBC One Programmes website.

Many thanks to Adrian H for his help in tracking down this material so promptly

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SFX – Survivors series two preview feature

Posted by Rich Cross on December 18, 2009

The new issue of SFX magazine (No 191) contains a five page preview feature on Survivors series two featuring interviews with cast and crew carried out as part of a set visit during the Birmingham location filming.

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Survivors series one: DVD reviews

Posted by Rich Cross on March 1, 2009

Reviews of the first series of Survivors DVD release appear in SFX (No 180, March 2009), SciFi Now (Issue 25, February-March 2009) and DeathRay (No 17, February-March 2009). DeathRay‘s Guy Haley concludes his review with a call to the BBC to: “Bring it back as soon as, Auntie, because this is the best SF treat you’ve given us in in years.”

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Survivors DVD ads in genre press

Posted by Rich Cross on January 20, 2009

Full-page, full-colour adverts for the upcoming Survivors first-series DVD release are appearing in the genre press (see example illustration below).

The adverts confirm the special features of the release as:

  • Easter Egg
  • A New World: The Making of Survivors
  • Character Profiles
  • Survivors FX Featurette
  • Audio Navigation
  • Audio Description (on feature only)


The DVD is still scheduled for release on 26 January 2009.

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Zoë Tapper – SFX profile

Posted by Rich Cross on January 20, 2009

A two-page profile of Survivors actress Zoë Tapper appears in the February 2009 edition of SFX (No. 179). The interview focuses, in the main, on Tapper’s work in the ITV’s supernatural Saturday tea-time yarn Demons.

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Five-page new series feature in SFX, No 176

Posted by Rich Cross on October 26, 2008

A full-colour five page feature on the new series of Survivors appears in the latest edition of SFX magazine (No.176, dated December 2008).

Written by Nick Setchfield, ‘Survival Instincts’ includes interview quotations from show-creator Adrian Hodges; actors Paterson Joseph, Philip Rhys and actress Julie Graham, and is illustrated by a range of official BBC promotional stills.

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Upcoming Survivors features in SFX and SciFi Now

Posted by Rich Cross on September 30, 2008

The current issue of sci-fi mag SFX (No 175, November 2008) reports that the next issue (No 176, December 2008) will include a feature “on set for the Survivors remake!”. That issue will go on sale on 22 October.

Issue 21 of SciFi Now magazine (published towards the end of October) will include an illustrated feature on Survivors including interviews with principal cast members and series creator and producer Adrian Hodges. The SciFi Now feature has been written by editor of this blog, Rich Cross.

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SFX magazine polls readers for their new series wishlist

Posted by Rich Cross on March 22, 2008

SFX magazine is seeking feedback from readers on what they would (and would not) like to see in the upcoming new series of Survivors.

The results will be worked into a two page ‘Your Most Wanted’ feature on the remake of Survivors in a future issue of SFX.

Amongst the more serious and thoughtful suggestions posted so far are the following:

  • “I’d like the makers to read the books of John Wyndham and make sure that they make a series as entertaining as his post-apocalypse stories.”
  • “I’d like to see some scope given to the devastated, empty world the survivors are living in, a visual effort to foster a real sense of loss.”
  • “No flashbacks”
  • “I want realism – the hard facts about survival!”
  • “I’d like it to be shot (and maybe set) in Herefordshire, like the original. And to play on themes of suspicion and fear of outsiders – issues relevant to now.”

Those wanting to add their comments to the discussion will need to complete a basic registration process to join the SFX forum. There is no need to register if you only wish to read the ongoing discussion.

It is also possible to submit suggestions via email to putting WISHLIST: Survivors in the Subject line.

Access the discussion here:

The deadline for submitting comments is: Friday 11 April.

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SFX mini-interview with Survivors executive producer Kate Harwood

Posted by Rich Cross on February 18, 2008

Several important questions are answered in a mini-interview with new series Survivors producer Kate Harwood in SFX magazine in February 2008:

  1. The remake will stay ‘close to the original’ in several key respects – not least in setting events in motion through the spread of a global pandemic
  2. The new series will be based on Terry Nation’s 1976 Survivors novel rather than directly on the events of the original TV series
  3. It will present a fresh spin on the drama, updating the setting, context and storylines and focusing a little more on ‘action adventure’ themes
  4. The new Survivors will be a six-part mini-series, four episodes of which will be penned by Adrian Hodges
  5. It is likely that the new series will be broadcast at the end of 2008 or early in 2009

Survivors remake - SFX February 2008
SFX, No 166, February 2008

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SFX – online preview of mini-interview with producer Harwood

Posted by Rich Cross on December 19, 2007

SFX has published an online preview of its upcoming mini-interview with BBC Head of Series and Serials Kate Harwood. In it, Harwood reveals that

  • The series will be based on Terry Nation’s 1976 Survivors novel rather than directly on the story arc of the series one TV scripts
  • The production team are aware of the importance of the iconic opening titles of Survivors in setting the scene for the series – but are not yet at a point where they can reveal their own contemporary take

More will be revealed in SFX No 166, February 2008, on sale on 16 January 2008

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‘Survivors Returns. Probably’ – SFX publicises remake news

Posted by Rich Cross on September 15, 2006

Following the publication of the announcement in the Media Guardian on 10 July 2006 of the forthcoming revival of Survivors by the BBC, the story was picked up by SFX magazine No. 147, dated September 2006

The full text of the story was as follows:

Survivors Returns. Probably.

The BBC is in talks to resurrect another ’70s SF show, Survivors. The brainchild of Terry Nation, Survivors lasted three series from 1975 and focused on a post apocalyptic world peopled by survivors of a devastating plague.

It is understood that the BBC wants to make a new series of six hour-long episodes. The project’s being overseen by Beeb producer Sue Hogg. But a deal has yet to be finalised and the BBC is still in negotiations with Nation’s estate.

Although Nation owns the rights to the series, he left after season one, going on to create Blake’s 7.

SFX, No. 147, September 2006.

The Media Guardian story was also covered in Dreamwatch magazine.

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