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TV listings magazines preview Survivors series two

Posted by Rich Cross on January 6, 2010

The print TV listings magazines have, between them, previewed Survivors second series extensively. Coverage includes:

  • ‘The viral countdown’ (Total TV Guide)
  • ‘The last action heroes’ (TV & Satellite Week)
  • ‘Apocalypse now?’ (TV Quick)
  • ‘Abby’s lab terror’ (What’s On TV)
  • ‘Pick of the Day: Survivors’ (Radio Times)
  • Survivors’ (TV Easy)
  • ‘Pick of the Day: Survivors (TV Times)

The Radio Times once again takes the opportunity to sustain a proud thirty-five year long tradition by not granting Survivors front cover billing (and this time round not even dignifying the show with a feature). In sharp contrast, Total TV Guide makes Survivors second series its front cover lead (as it did with series one back in 2008).

Total TV Guide, 9-15 January 2010

Total TV Guide, 9-15 January 2010


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Max Beesley interview – TV & Satellite Week

Posted by Rich Cross on December 6, 2008

A one page interview with Survivors actor Max Beesley (Tom Price) appears in the new issue of TV & Satellite Week (6-12 December).

Asked about the likelihood of a second series for the show, says Beesley:

I hope so, and I’ll be surprised if there isn’t. The stories are interesting and people are really going to buy into the concept.

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TV guides promote Sunday’s first episode of Survivors

Posted by Rich Cross on November 18, 2008

All of the main (and most of the minor) highstreet TV listings magazines (which are published today) feature promotional materials on Survivors ahead of the transmission of the first two episodes of the new series next week.

The features on offer include:

  • Radio Times: ‘Fight to Survive’, (pp.20-24)
  • Total TV Guide: ‘Grave new world’, (pp.4-5)
  • TV & Satellite Week: ‘Survival of the fittest’, (pp.12-13)
  • TV Choice: ‘Survival of the Fittest’, (pp.6-7)
  • TV Easy: ‘Deadly drama!’, (p.5)
  • TV Quick: ‘It’s the end of the world’, (pp.16-17)
  • TV Times: ‘Life after death’, (pp.16-17)
  • What’s On TV: ‘Killer Virus’, (p.15)

Total TV Guide is the only magazine to feature Survivors as its main cover photo.

Total TV Guide, 22-28 November 2008

Total TV Guide, 22-28 November 2008

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TV & Satellite Week – half-page Survivors preview

Posted by Rich Cross on September 16, 2008

The 13-19 September 2008 edition of TV & Satellite Week includes a half-page feature on the new Survivors as part of a round-up of the upcoming Autumn drama schedule.

The preview includes a good-size BBC promo shot, showing Zoe Tapper (Dr Anya Raczynski), Freema Ageyman (Jenny Collins) and Bryony Afferson (Pat). It is likely that the photo depicts a scene fairly early on in the opening episode – showing Jenny’s efforts to secure medical assistance for Pat at a hospital where Anya is battling the onset of the pandemic.

A cropped thumbnail of the same image also appears on the front cover.

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