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Another post-apocalyptic TV remake is green-lit

Posted by Rich Cross on November 27, 2008

The BBC has today announced that a new version of John Wyndham’s classic tale of killer plants let loose in a world gone blind – Day of the Triffids – will be remade for the BBC One.

The new small-screen version of Wyndham’s novel will consist of two 90-minute features, scripted by Patrick Harbinson (ER, Wire in Blood, Dark Angel). Made by BBC Wales, the production will be overseen by former Doctor Who executive producer Julie Gardner.

According to Broadcast magazine, the new version of Day of the Triffids will be set in 2011, “when the hunt is on for alternative sources of energy after the planet’s fossil fuels dry up”.

The BBC’s most recent adaption of Day of the Triffids, a six-part serial shown in 1981, starred John Duttine and Emma Relph.

9 Responses to “Another post-apocalyptic TV remake is green-lit”

  1. Bob Meade said

    The BBC lost it’s way & mind a long time ago, it is unable now, to make decent sci-fi as we know it, or normal drama or comedy for that matter.

  2. Ian Middleton said

    Wouldn’t something original be a better use of the licence fee than a series based on a book made into a film and then a TV series and then re-made into another TV series, probably with bad music?

    I don’t have rose tinted specs. The original series had a lot of shortcomings and I’ll admit a degree of its popularity is based on nostalgia, but its still so much better. It depended on acting and storylines, rather than overblown musical scores and clever camera work. It led you into the story rather than throwing you in face first, due to lack of storyline validation and an apparent rush to get irritating things like continuty to get in the way.

    OK this series is only 6 episodes and the original was 12 (or 13?) so they had more time to develop the story. But isn’t that what the problem is? The BBC can’t be bothered to give the series the attention it deserves. It would rather push out another series from the sausage machine and leave it to the PR department to big it up to an apathetic audience who expect nothing better.

    I’m sure Holby city-strictly-heroes-come-celeb-eastend-dancing will get a lot more attention though from both sides of the TV screen!

  3. jim said

    There was nothing wrong with this program, the acting was fine, as was the plot, I think the problem lies with the the rose tinted speck brigade, this is one of the better programs the BBC have produced in a long while, but to die hard fans of the original nothing would have been good enough. But I’m sure the BBC really appreciate you giving them a chanceand will try and do better in the future. And yes I am looking forward to the day of the triffids remake as well. I only hope they have the sense not to listen to some of these poisonous opinions, and commission a 2ND series.

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  5. Ian Middleton said

    Rich I stand corrected. They are going to regurgitate, and ruin, an 80’s classic.

    Paul I gave them a chance with Survivors and they have made an un-engaging, lacklustre, pedestrian piece of puff out of what was a good original idea. Instead of making real creative leaps to do something different with the material (as the original series tried, and possibly failed to do) they have gone for the safe, middle ground, and it shows.

    A waste of the licence fee and a missed opportunity. The Beeb have been wide of the mark for years now and frankly I’m tired of giving them a ‘chance’. They used to have a creative soul before the bean counters took over. In those days they commissioned original drama and didn’t simply trot out soaps, warmed over re-hashes and reality TV.

    TV in this country is a joke and we deserve better from the BBC than this trash.

  6. Vicky said

    Why cant they do Whyndam’s The Kraken Wakes instead? Is a brilliant tale too and there’s nothing made of that yet -but now we finally have the effects to do it justice…

  7. Rich Cross said

    …they are moving on to the other ’70’s classic DOTT. …

    It’s actually classic 1981 too…

  8. Paul Stapleton said

    …or we could just give it a chance!

  9. Ian Middleton said

    Oh for crying out loud gimme a break! They haven’t even got Survivors right yet and they are moving on to the other ’70’s classic DOTT. The BBC have seriously lost it to the style junkies! Let have some original content and less of the regurgitated crap for goodness sake!

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