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Viewing figures down for Survivors second episode – but still solid

Posted by Rich Cross on November 29, 2008

Viewing figures for the second episode of Survivors are reported to have been around 5.3 million (a 22% audience share) – down on the 6.5 million audience (a 26% share) for the pilot episode according to “unofficial, overnight” figures. The strong showing for the opening episode was recognised as an “excellent performance” by viewing figures service Attentional; and such a fall-off in numbers (although not welcome) is far from atypical for drama series of all kinds.

This dip still left Survivors as the most popular programme for the 21:00 slot; and saw the show hold its own against significant competition from live football on ITV.


One Response to “Viewing figures down for Survivors second episode – but still solid”

  1. Bodil Robertson said

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode and the others. I watched the 2nd episode via the internet-not TV- because I was working on the following Tuesday that it was shown on TV. I then managed to tune in to the subsequent episodes when they were shown on TV. It is the best program I’ve seen for a long time. I read that it was noted that there was a sharp decrease in the viewing figures for the second episode but I think it is just people were busy rather than they didn’t want to watch it.December can be a bit like that especially in the current economic climate!!
    Well done and thanks for producing such a thought provoking and gripping serial. The only problem is I want to watch all the episodes at once-like a good book-don’t want to put it down. It may also be useful to people if such a situation does occur.
    Kind regards,

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