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Fans complain to BBC of Survivors’ cancellation

Posted by Rich Cross on April 14, 2010

Many fans of Survivors are registering their displeasure at the cancellation of the show through the BBC’s online contact form.

To join them select:

  • Type of contact: Comment
  • Topic: TV
  • Channel/platform: BBC One
  • Programme title: Survivors

Then complete the remaining mandatory fields, and add your comment about Survivors‘ cancellation.

Please continue to add comments to this blog, and to the ‘Wall’ on the Survivors series three please Facebook group.


67 Responses to “Fans complain to BBC of Survivors’ cancellation”

  1. Renae said

    I still watch the old episodes of survivor, and i think BBC should make a third season, they shouldn’t be able to cut it off without a proper ending!

    • john said

      I watched it religiously! I actually went back and watched all the episodes of the original Survivors from the 70s. BBC please please please.. pretty please bring it back!

  2. Rein said

    I think that quitting a brilliant SciFi series after season 2 is a BBC tradition. Some of us will remember the Tripods series in the early 80’s (only 2 of 3 seasons produced). I hoped that Survivors would at least get a proper end in a third season. How can we convince the BBC to go on this time and don’t make the same mistake as with the Tripods?

  3. Zoe said

    I feel cheated actually. I bought the 1st and 2nd series on DVD for my mothers birthday as I knew she would love to keep it. What was the point of that! Just caused her to be as irritated as me now!

  4. natalie bailey said

    i am so truly upset that the bbc have decided not to continue with survivours, i used to watch it every week with my children and was something that we all enjoyed together as a family. i think it s quite disgusting that you are allowed to create two series of a show and then stop it at a climax. especially with some of the rubbish that has been left to air on television. please finish out the show, its fantastic and we miss it terribly, or at least make a special for dvd, i would buy it….. stop letting your fans down bbc, its really not fair.

  5. george hickey said

    just purcheased seasons 1 and 2 on dvd. such a class production that you would expect from bbc. hope they will reconsider bringing back the show. if only a special or movie.

  6. MICHAEL said

    I personally think the principal reason the BBC ended Survivors was because of the cutbacks this present government may impose on them, otherwise I believe they would have carried on with it so perhaps we should blame the government. We will probably see a lot less big budget productions from them now. I’m not sure I want to watch any future drama shows by the BBC because you just can’t trust them to finish it.
    Survivors was great all the way through but in the end we are left up in air (not intended to be funny) with so many unanswered questions. In short, an unfinished and incomplete project. Not the first time they have done this and it certainly won’t be the last.

  7. Denise said

    I truly shall miss Survivors! Great scenery, casting, score, and writing! Can’t believe another great one bites the dust….

  8. Maureen said

    BBC please, please bring ‘Surviviors’ back, even it’s just on dvd or something?! PLEASE!
    It was our favorite show ever! How are we ever gonna know what happened??!!
    What happened to Tom? What about the plane and the postcards? etc…I will never watch one of your shows again because you may just pull the rug from under us again. We will go our whole life’s not knowing and wondering what happened!! Don’t you understand that?! This was (is) a HORRIBLE thing to do to all the fan’s of this brilliant show…

  9. Terry S.Osburn said

    BBC , you can not have us wondering what happing to Tom,Abby and the other,A third season a move something is needed to end the show.Please do not end the show,not like this not with Tom hurt on a plane Abby and Anaya looking for him.

  10. Dutch Girl said

    As so many here in the States I work all the time and never have the energy or the inclination to commit to watching every epsisode of a series. However I took note of the preview to Survivor, the premiss is really intriguing and fresh. I found the series to be completely addicting: the storyline and the fascinating characters command your undivided attention. And so I’m very sorry to see another quality show cancelled! Isn’t there something we all can do, some form of protest i.e. sending peanuts to the BBC? Who knows maybe we’ll be heard? The series is definetly worth giving it a shot.

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