Fans complain to BBC of Survivors’ cancellation

Many fans of Survivors are registering their displeasure at the cancellation of the show through the BBC’s online contact form.

To join them select:

  • Type of contact: Comment
  • Topic: TV
  • Channel/platform: BBC One
  • Programme title: Survivors

Then complete the remaining mandatory fields, and add your comment about Survivors‘ cancellation.

Please continue to add comments to this blog, and to the ‘Wall’ on the Survivors series three please Facebook group.

67 thoughts on “Fans complain to BBC of Survivors’ cancellation

  1. I still watch the old episodes of survivor, and i think BBC should make a third season, they shouldn’t be able to cut it off without a proper ending!

    1. I watched it religiously! I actually went back and watched all the episodes of the original Survivors from the 70s. BBC please please please.. pretty please bring it back!

  2. I think that quitting a brilliant SciFi series after season 2 is a BBC tradition. Some of us will remember the Tripods series in the early 80’s (only 2 of 3 seasons produced). I hoped that Survivors would at least get a proper end in a third season. How can we convince the BBC to go on this time and don’t make the same mistake as with the Tripods?

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