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TV listings magazines preview Survivors series two

Posted by Rich Cross on January 6, 2010

The print TV listings magazines have, between them, previewed Survivors second series extensively. Coverage includes:

  • ‘The viral countdown’ (Total TV Guide)
  • ‘The last action heroes’ (TV & Satellite Week)
  • ‘Apocalypse now?’ (TV Quick)
  • ‘Abby’s lab terror’ (What’s On TV)
  • ‘Pick of the Day: Survivors’ (Radio Times)
  • Survivors’ (TV Easy)
  • ‘Pick of the Day: Survivors (TV Times)

The Radio Times once again takes the opportunity to sustain a proud thirty-five year long tradition by not granting Survivors front cover billing (and this time round not even dignifying the show with a feature). In sharp contrast, Total TV Guide makes Survivors second series its front cover lead (as it did with series one back in 2008).

Total TV Guide, 9-15 January 2010

Total TV Guide, 9-15 January 2010


2 Responses to “TV listings magazines preview Survivors series two”

  1. Maria said

    What a terrible picture

  2. Ben said

    Really good to see Survivors get cover billing.

    It’s a shame, though, that they couldn’t have come up with a better picture. It looks like a bunch of random pictures stuck together by a work experience kid. Max looks like he’s falling over and Paterson isn’t even facing the camera! Doesn’t really do the show justice.

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